About Us

Lance Robinson was born to be in the woods. In fact, it’s in his blood. The Robinson family has passed on a deep tradition of hunting in the Maine woods, especially for white tail deer. While growing up on the shores of the scenic Androscoggin River in Auburn, Maine Lance fished all summer long and chased any species that was in season. Not just for the kill, but to gain knowledge. So it was no surprise that at age 25 when asked by a friend to guide duck and goose hunting in Saskatchewan, he jumped at the opportunity. That experience gave way to a career change for Lance. He set a goal to get his Maine hunting and fishing guide license and start his own outfitting business. By the age of 29 Lance had done just that. After spending several years in Saskatchewan gaining invaluable experience in the field, Lance started his own business, “Game On Outfitters” and has been living every outdoors man’s dream ever since.

In the two years since Game On’s inception, Lance has managed to flourish in the industry while meeting some very important and influential people along the way. Lance is now teamed up with Nathan Theriault of OMM outfitters and is guiding not only in Maine and Saskatchewan but in several other states around the U.S. and New Brunswick. CA as well.

With deep ties to his Maine roots, Lance looks forward to coming home to an exciting fishing season every summer; exploring several different regions of the state for a wide variety of trophy fish with his wonderful clients. Always hungry for the next adventure, he recently obtained his captains license and has started guiding Maine sea duck hunts as well. Ultimately, when it comes to the outdoors there’s not a season that Lance doesn’t enthusiastically enjoy. He hopes to share that passion and love with his clients for years to come.