Enjoy the fall colors, the sounds of falling leaves, and the fresh scent of the fir and balsam as you stroll along gravel roads hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock. Well trained pointers and retrievers help ensure success and provide hours of entertainment while upland bird hunting.

Northern Maine offers some of best covers for grouse and woodcock anywhere since birds face less pressure than even in Southern Maine. Expect 10 to 25 flushes per day depending on weather.

Back at camp, be entertained by the sight and sounds of eagles flying in search of their next meal, or a bull moose in hot pursuit of a cow. 

Duck hunting is also available at this time.

During your hunt, American plan accommodations at the Eagle Lake Sporting Camps are provided, along with transportation and bird preparation. 

Your comfortably appointed historic log cabin with its own lake facing verandah provides a private spot to contemplate the day’s activities or unwind with a beverage and cigar. The Roosevelt Dining Room and its great room will serve as the headquarters during your stay. You will enjoy an early morning send-off breakfast, home cooked lunches, dinner and end of the day refreshments in comfort.

Professional guides, top notch services, clean comfortable American Plan accommodations, and plenty of non-hunting activities will keep everybody happy.


3 day hunt $1,595 plus 8% sales tax

License fee is $46 for nonresident small game three day hunt or $74 for season. Additional nights at $500 per night; observer at $200 per night.

Guide, first-class lodging, lounge, meeting rooms, all meals, snacks, complimentary skeet shooting (including ammunition), archery range, and use of small boats, canoes and kayaks.

License, ammunition, tips, shipping, and taxidermy. Transportation to Presque Isle (PQI) is $75 per person each way.

Fly to Presque Isle, Maine (PQI) from Boston and we’ll meet your flight and provide transportation for an additional fee of $75 per person. Float planes are available for transportation from Bangor or Portland.

Check in is noon the first day of your trip and check out is 11 am the last day.

Our Goose hunting dates change year to year. Early season starts around the second week of September and runs until the first week of October. Most hunts will take place in the mornings from around 5am to 10:00am.

Game On Outfitters hunts on private exclusive land, as well as waterways. We specialize in the early season goose hunt. Bag limit is six birds per person, with a possession limit of 12 birds. We hunt out of Cabelas lay down blinds and use a combination of Big Foot and Greenhead decoys.

This is a high success rate hunt with lots of excitement and fast pace hunting, great calling, and excellent productive spots. Scouting is the key to your success. Hunting areas typically include clover fields as well as harvested oats.

Our goose hunts are as good as it gets, from our great spots to our excellent accommodations at our historic sporting camps, Eagle Lake Sporting Camps, to the fine dining you will find in the dining room of the camps. There’s nothing like being half awake laying in the most comfortable Cabelas lay down blind and being awoken to many Canadian Geese flying down at you.